The Third Wave of Single Serving Sites

Circa 2008, the single serving site was quite the hip-and-happening trend. As compiled by Kottke, this included Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle and Is LOST a Repeat?, among others. Prior to that you had You’re The Man Now Dog, of course, and the now defunct Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop, which both blazed an idiotic, early ’00s trail for the class of 2008 entries and allĀ  in-between.

While it’s only two years passed, 2008 was, for all intents and purposes a different era of Internettin’; Twitter was just starting to blow-up, Facebook wasn’t a cornerstone of CNN’s content model and Obama hadn’t yet used social media to turn our nation into a burgeoning socialist state (kidding, libs).

In 2010, the Single Serving Site is more robust, but the vibe is the same; one site, one thing, fun, quick and easy. Something you couldn’t possibly keep to yourself. And with today’s bevy of API’s and platforms, these single servers can take things above and beyond the gif and jpg genesis of the genre. Here’s a look a few contemporaries in this new wave.

Code Organ - takes website code and algorithmically changes it into a little keyboard ditty. A catchy hook, no pun intended. Twitter and Facebook sharing along with Twitter mentions feed and Disqus comments integration all take the site to another level of interactivity, without making it more than it should be. Plus they’re all fairly simple integrations.

8-Bit NYC – Using open source software and data packages, 8-Bit NYC turns the the Five Boroughs into a Legend of Zelda like map.

Jewish Rap Names – Capitalizing on an especially inspired Twitter hashtag, the site was developed in what we’d put at just-under-an-afternoon. It spawned it’s own mixtape and raised an important point regarding Twitter – do they withhold potentially offensive topics from trending status?

Chatroulette Map - The cottage industry that’s popped up around Chat Roulette is pretty impressive. The latest entry is Chatroulette Map, a mash-up of Google Maps and Chat Roulette screens by location. Oh look, it’s a guy touching himself on the Upper West Side!

Are we missing anybody here?

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