From Italy To Attention

Next week will mark my four month anniversary at Attention. As my boss Dana likes to say, “No one on the global team has a US passport”. This was true up until about a month ago, when we hired Varun, an American citizen. (Please don’t tell immigration).
 So how exactly did I end up working for a social media agency in New York all the way from Italy, you ask?

I lived and worked as an intern in New York City for about 4 months in 2010, more than enough time to fall in love with the city. At the time I was finishing my exams at Bocconi University, from which I will be graduating with a M.S in Marketing Management this year. Upon returning to Italy, I began working in the  fashion industry for a designer in Milan. All the while I was living my life through aperitivi (read: booze and free food), friends, exams, photography, sales analysis, social media and my shoe collection.

One day I realized that as much as I loved fashion, which in my opinion is the ultimate form of art and self-expression, I didn’t want to settle in Milan, my home for the past 5 years. I knew that if I wanted to move to New York I had to put myself out there. I spent months researching and seeking advice, Unfortunately, I got more “No you will never make its” and “it’s impossibles” than positive reactions and encouragement.

I did not care. I believed in myself and knew I could make it. One day in June, while prowling through twitter, I found out about Attention. I have always been passionate about social media. My friends have accused me of being addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. I really wanted to switch careers and do something completely different with my life. I wanted to work in a fun environment where one can have beer fridays, massages at work, and (hopefully) a nap room.

I emailed Attention and went to bed, not expecting anything to come of it. To my surprise I woke to find a reply from the very best HR employee, and in less than 48 hours I had booked my ticket for an interview! I cannot describe the excitement that I felt – I don’t think I have ever cried so many joyful tears.

Three months later, after waiting for all of the paperwork to go through and my visa to arrive, here I am. New job, New life, New York City.

Working for the global team is amazing. We work with clients from countries all around the world. I’m currently managing social media for Mattel SEUR and assisting on other projects for clients in Asia, Latin America, Australia and Europe. The best thing is that we laugh so much and always have a good time together. We talk about our cultures, countries, the similarities and differences. We love food and we try to familiarize ourselves with one another’s cultures through our national dishes.

Marina is from Russia and she moved to NY one year ago. She speaks 4 or 5 languages and the baristas at Starbucks never get her name right. Dana is the big boss. She’s Romanian and the absolute best. I seriously feel lost when she’s not around. Varun is a former lawyer who, like me, wanted to do something unconventional and fun and switched to social media. Our newest addition, Jorge, is Mexican. He also speaks Portuguese, and I’m sure he understands me when I curse in Italian. The honorary member of our team is Attention president Pedro Laboy, who has lived and worked pretty much everywhere around the globe.

2012 Is going to be a great year for the global team. There are tons of interesting social media projects around the world, and many more countries to conquer one status update at a time.

As for me, If I could offer some advice it would be: Study, research, work hard, and NEVER take no for an answer. Always believe in yourself and stay positive. –It sounds corny, I know but it got me where I am today so I know it works.

If you are interested in a career with Attention check out our careers page.

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