Purrfect Prank: Cat Facts!

A viral texting prank has left the internet in a state to which it can never return. That prank is CAT FACTS.

For those unfamiliar with the now legendary Cat Facts’ origins, in late January a Reddit user shared a masterful prank he pulled on his little cousin, a child who was just looking for a way to alleviate boredom by sharing his new cell number online. Lil cuz got more than he could ever have bargained for.

Perhaps one of the best parts is that legitimate website Catfacts.org started receiving swarms of requests to [sic] “stop texting me.” Catfacts.org, whose writing style reminds me of a middle-aged luddite woman, crafted a banner and also launched a Facebook page to help minimize the influx of emails … and ignorance. Truth is – CatFacts.org traffic has increased 20x since Cat Facts hit the internets.

As a lover of cats, my first reaction to Cat Facts was: “Um, sign me up?!” Moments later my marketing half kicked in and envisioned how much fun it would be if a client participated in the trend.

Out of our amazing client roster, the most organic fit was Monster High, a popular tween lifestyle and toy brand by Mattel where sons and daughters of famous monsters attend high school. Quickly, the team “breathed life” into a Cat Facts fiasco at Monster High, where kitty-like characters Toralei Stripe and the Werecat Twins played the role of “Catfacts.org” and everyone else at Monster High played the “cousin” (and other victims), all captured by their student newspaper The Gory Gazette (the official Monster High Tumblr).

Click here to enjoy this moment in Monster High storytelling and here to actually sign up for cancel-able Cat Facts, which should in no way be confused with CatFacts.org..

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