Couponing With foursquare

Two billion check-ins. Twenty million users. These are incredible figures for any company, let alone one that is only three years old. And while foursquare boasts staggering counting numbers, the only numbers that matter to investors – who recently provided $50M in additional funding – are revenue and profit figures. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal foursquare founder Dennis Crowley touched upon some of the ever-present questions on foursquare’s ability to monetize:

Why Share? How Leveraging Consumer Demand for Social Good is a Win Win

Mariah Porath

Social media is a revolution that wields mighty power when it comes to the way communities acquire information and make decisions.

This is especially evident in the case of Leon Piers, the hipster on a fixed gear who single-handedly united a network of civilians and police during the UK Riots in August 2011, with the Twitter handle @BristolRiots. Piers accomplished this by tweeting live updates while riding around the city and providing valuable, unbiased information during the chaotic riots.

Makeover Mark Zuckerberg

Drew Elovitz

Facebook’s hoodied honcho did not surprise anyone when he wore his usual attire to launch the social network’s much-anticipated IPO last Friday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wore a hooded tuxedo to his surprise marriage to longtime girlfriend, Priscila Chan. Zuckerberg’s hooded sweatshirt, compared to the late Steve Jobs’ mock turtleneck, has become an iconic representation of Facebook, and befits the company’s roots in a sort of “dormitory chic.” However, public opinion has been mixed over Zuckerberg’s lack of professional attire – should he forgo the sweatshirt for a suit? What would a wardrobe change say about the culture of Facebook? Is there some sort of suit/hoodie hybrid that would please everyone?

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How To Market To Consumers With Social Media ADD

The most universal factor in marketing today is that consumers are busier than ever and their attention more taxed.

While Esther Dyson points out that attention is not truly fungible, it serves as an outstanding macro indicator of today’s changes in consumer behavior. And any imbalance of this magnitude invariably results in a correction.

This correction is manifesting itself in the profound re-assertion of word-of-mouth marketing as the dominant factor in purchasing and brand relationship, at the expense of other marketing. While word-of-mouth has always been at the center of smart campaigns, four factors conspire to amplify its impact and importance today:

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