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This Week In Social: LinkedIn beats The Street, Google Reader gets a revamp, YouTube takes on Cable, And #OccupyTebow becomes one of the greatest comment threads in the history of the internet.

LinkedIn Beats Expectations, But Stock Slips As Insiders Sell Off

Google revamps search for more recent results, affects 35% of all searches

Twitter Tests “Top News” And “Top People” At Top Of Search Results

Google Reader Gets A Refresh, Deep Integration With G+

Why Tech Cocktail is my drink (er, I mean blog) of choice

 YouTube to take on cable with A-list celebs 

#OccupyTebow: A Lesson In Community Management

The ESPN comments section possesses all the characteristics of a typical comments section: it is juvenile, full of trolls, and often uninspiring. This is one of the last places you’d expect a quality meme to begin organically. But every once in a while nature intercedes and something special happens. When he wrote this post, poor Bill Williamson had no clue that his 1000-word comment would be hijacked and used to inspire one of the funniest, most ferocious memes of the year. Deadspin labeled the crazed trend #OccupyTebow. Here are some of the funnier, SFW posts:

Nickelback > Tebow

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