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2011 Year In Review

We’ve rouned up the best of the “best of 2011 lists” to bring you this year’s top photos, stories, memes, and social media personalities. What’s in store for 2012? Happy New Year!

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Dispatches from Reddit | Cuil Theory & Mark Cuban Q&A


Two neato-geato things we found on Reddit -

Cuil Theory
If you remember the moderately hyped launch (just the launch, that is) of the Cuil search engine, you’ll remember going on there and thinking “ummm?” It’s still not that good – when you search for Twilight it shows you a map of Europe and the Wikipedia entry for The Twilight Zone. Come on, just show me pics of a sparkly white guy please! Anyway, in typical Reddit spirit, a few of their users have collaborated on the tangential Cuil Theory. The theory is cool and funny, but the best part is the complete Cuil brand name hijacking through social media. Watch out for that, future brand managers of America.

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