You Really Don’t Care

The latest adaptation of the Facebook news feed debuted today for many users, provoking a predictably passionate response.  Change is difficult to accept, especially when it happens practically overnight to a network on which we spend an insane amount of our time. If you take a look at the user comments on the Facebook blog, you’d think Zuck had wished ill upon all of our mothers. All Facebook wonders if more people are complaining than ever before. The easy answer is ‘yes, no shit’ more people are complaining because the number of users on the social network has reached an all-time high, and each of our own personal networks has surely grown since the last update. But the truth is, you really don’t care.

WitStream, The Superbowl & Real Time Web Convergence

Time spent online is way up, across the board. Mobile web advances have put the net in the palm of everyone’s hand. People tweet like they used to make phone calls. And the convergence of the computer screen and TV screen is fast at hand, as people take to couch browsing and streaming (I mean, didn’t that Google Ad look pretty slick in HD?).

But with all these tech-adoptive, societal progressions, none of them really matter unless there’s something interesting to search for, to read, to stream. The printing press wasn’t invented to serve ads. It was invented to share some of the best “content” in the world – the word of The Lord, primarily. Dude had way more followers than Ashton Kutcher and had significantly more interesting stuff to say, too.

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